taqueria el patrón

Step into a vibrant culinary haven at Taqueria el Patrón on 50th and Xerxes, where the walls burst with lively murals celebrating flowers and Día de los Muertos. Let the enticing aroma of sizzling Mexican specialties guide you to a visual feast of colors and flavors. Accompanied by upbeat Spanish tunes, meet the heart and soul of our kitchen, Nadia Rosales and Victor Herrera. Visit our second location at 405 E Lake St for another dose of authentic Mexican delight. Join us for a taste of Mexico in Minneapolis – where every bite is a fiesta!

About US

Our Beginning

Since 2016, Herrera has crafted a culinary haven at Taqueria el Patrón on Lake Street. Joining forces with Rosales, who discovered a job opening through a friend, the dynamic duo has been the heart and soul of this establishment for eight years. From cash register duties to managing licenses, applications, and events, Rosales's journey with Herrera reflects the passion and dedication woven into every aspect of our business. Experience their eight-year legacy at Taqueria el Patrón – where tradition meets innovation!



Experience a symphony of traditional Mexican flavors at Taqueria el Patrón! From daily-made guacamole, horchata, and salsas to the freshest vegetables, our menu is a celebration of authenticity. Tacos steal the spotlight, featuring a diverse range from al pastor to seafood delights. Weekends bring a feast with pozole, menudo, chilaquiles, and huarache. Vegetarian options shine alongside the meaty delights in tacos and tortas. Herrera's joy lies in introducing patrons to new flavors, with barbacoa as his favorite and al pastor as Rosales'. Explore our food truck at Twin Cities events for a streamlined taste of our culinary excellence.



Exciting times ahead at Taqueria el Patrón! Rosales envisions a spirited future, aiming to secure a liquor license for a delightful addition to our menu. As the warmer season approaches, our vibrant patio awaits, providing a perfect spot for neighborhood kids to savor Mexican delights after school. Join us at 4953 Xerxes Avenue S. from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. Book our food truck for your events through the Minnesota Food Truck Association – your next fiesta awaits!